Cohere Outsourcing Philippines

Who We Are

Our proven and extensive experience working together in process and people development, technology innovation, structure and systems development will be our contribution to designing and providing the best solution for your internal and external customer needs.

Jordan Albert Sison

Over 20 years of outsourcing experience and 13 years in general management. He has proven in-depth exposure and has developed solutions that cover the intricacies of the various departments of operations, training, quality and continuous improvement, workforce management (WFM), Customer Experience Management through NPS, and Employee Relations through eNPS.

Jericho Michael Garcia

Built a career in the industry by working through the ranks to a Top Management position, gaining the respect of peers and successfully leading them in different levels. He is a results-proven people manager with over 12 years of leadership experience and a track record of success in developing the business and in consistently elevating quality. He is a decisive leader with grit and excellent analytical, team-building, planning and developmental abilities.

Maria Ana Asis-Angon

Over 22 years of experience in spearheading, developing, and leading teams in Facilities, Administration, Information Technology, Information Systems, Finance, and Human Resources. Her passion is understanding the nuances of different aspects of a business, both domestic and multinational, with the intent of developing people and processes to address bottlenecks. She has strong business acumen that allows her to successfully implement strategies that improve the bottom line and efficiently utilize investments, which in turn, greatly contribute to the success of various endeavors.

As a start-up, we will be your committed partners in directly caring for the success of your business with rabid fervor. Our individual strengths cohere to provide you a powerhouse of knowledge and skills to partner with you through your phases of implementation, transition and most importantly, growth.